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Ted Marek
Principal and Designated Broker

Ted Marek is the Principal and Designated Broker of Ted Marek Real Estate Co., Inc. Ted has been active in the Phoenix market for over 30 years, all along building his reputation as a very knowledgeable and successful commercial real estate broker. He maintained this same stellar reputation in Chicago for over 10 years prior to moving to the Valley. To date most of the company's client base has been grown and generated from referrals. In addition to his vast experience and knowledge of land area sales, he is recognized nationally by many professionals in the automotive real estate industry as someone who really understands this unique market. He has been very instrumental in the movement and placement of automotive dealerships, site selection, sales and acquisition, including a 160 acre automall for V.T. Inc., which in land area is believed to be the largest automall in the USA.

In 1975 Ted was employed by Del Webb Realty & Management Corp in Phoenix as a real estate broker and in 1983 he resigned from the position of Vice President and Designated Broker. Prior to his affiliation with Del Webb, Ted was active in the automotive industry in both the Phoenix and Chicago markets. In 1983 Ted became Vice President at George W Reeves Enterprises, a position he held until 1990 at which time he formed Ted Marek Real Estate Co., Inc.

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John Marek
Sales Associate

As a young man in the Chicago area, John worked for a local general contractor. He later joined the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1994. For the next 10 years he was employed as the Security Operations Supervisor for MacNeal Hospital in Chicago. In 2004 John and his family decided to make the big move to Phoenix and John joined the team at Ted Marek Real Estate. John has been very involved in many aspects of company operations. He has worked closely with Ted Marek where he has been exposed to the unique market of automotive real estate sales and site selection. Since joining Ted Marek Real Estate, John has been successful in closing several commercial transactions and well as several residential sales.

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